New Interview: She Who Wins Podcast on Rebranding Your Life And Soul

Aug 11, 2023
New Interview: She Who Wins Podcast on Rebranding Your Life And Soul

I recently sat down with my friend Renée Bauer, host of the She Who Wins podcast to talk all about rebranding your business…and your life. In this podcast episode, I was invited to share my perspective on rebranding from a different angle. Not just the business side of branding…but branding and how it plays a part in our lives. Whether you have a business or you’re an employee or mom…or whoever, you have a brand in this digital age.

We go deep in this episode. It’s a really personal episode and a conversation with a good friend. I talk about the parallels between branding for a business and branding for our lives and the most important steps we can take to live our authentic life. I talk about building a life based on someone else’s dream, being out of alignment and all the work it takes to get back into alignment and reconnect with who we’re truly meant to be.

I talk about two of my favorite healing modalities recently, sound healing with my mentor Samantha Harper and Breathwork.

I also discussed the importance of mindset and taking action, however small…This was a super special conversation and I’m really happy to get to share it with you!

Overall, I hope that my insights and personal experiences will inspire listeners to embrace their fears and use them as a tool for personal growth and success.

Listen to the podcast episode on Spotify here.

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