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I'm Stephanie

I am passionate about helping you reconnect to your bliss!

So often I talk to entrepreneurs who are experiencing professional success yet feel so unfulfilled.

Those who are searching for a deeper connection to your true self and a more aligned life. We’re surrounded by messages that leave us feeling in lack and create misalignment from our true, highest version of self and the abundance that is already available to us.

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, investor, speaker, and wellness guide, I know what it takes to succeed in business and show up authentically to create a life you love! I know this in a deep way because it’s personal for me.

I used to live a life that looked great to the outside world, yet inside felt unfulfilling and out of alignment.

When I started my entrepreneurial journey at 22, bootstrapping a marketing agency with just $100 of my own money, I didn’t know all I didn’t know. And what I know now is that I didn’t build my first business with intention. I built it out of a space of survival mode…and so that’s what I did… I survived. I turned that first business into a full-service agency for small businesses, surpassing multiple six-figures in revenue, running successful marketing campaigns for clients, launching new brands and helping clients get leads and sales…we even won awards for our work, too.

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Despite the external success, I realized that something was missing. I felt unfulfilled and disconnected within, despite the external validation.

So, I began my deep inner journey to discover the root cause of my burnout and find my bliss.

With deep healing work, prayer, meditation, sound healing breathwork, somatic movement, Internal Family Systems and EMDR therapy, I was able to reconnect my body, mind, and spirit. I identified what was no longer serving me, get back into a state of nervous system regulation and step into my most authentic self.

This bliss state is so thrilling. It’s why I’m passionate about helping people like you do the same!

  • Top 40 Under 40 - Phoenix Entrepreneurs' Magazine
  • Titans100 Phoenix 2022
  • KNOW 2020 and 2021 - Top Women to do Business with in Phoenix
  • So Scottsdale People to Know 2022
  • The Chamber Method Sound Healer Facilitator
  • ELM Health Holistic Somatic Healer

I believe that we hold the power within to heal ourselves and find alignment.

Through years of deep transformative work, I have been able to heal my unregulated nervous system, and go from Burnout To Bliss™.

And I want to help you do the same!

Through all of my own triumphs and trials in business, I’ve learned what really works, and what doesn’t. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is the beauty of building a life in alignment. It is an honor to hold space for my clients and help guide clients towards your good life…you deserve it!

Stephanie x0
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